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Since the beginning of the dot-com era, I've been consulting entrepeneurs and businesses to seek a higher potential. Through the years, I've specialized in providing the waterfall of services for special projects; Design, Develop, Market, Manage.

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Emojis are completely transforming the way we use email.

Email isn’t dead — at least not yet. While texting and the billion-dollar Slack app creep into email’s territory, the 44-year-old technology is still very much evolving. And that evolution, according to a new Adobe study, is overrun with emoji. When researchers surveyed more than 400 US employees over the age of 18, a full…

Verbal Victory – Groundbreaking Speech Software

In my first session back at the office, Verbal Victory has got me excited! The very idea of culminating one’s entire efforts into a presentation is terrifying – albeit for research funding, a new job position, or persuading a crowd to support a new initiative. Verbal Victory’s goal is to empower the individual so that…